Revel in an art form rich with tradition. Whether you’ve never picked up a henna cone before, or you’ve been been spreading your henna love for years, we offer private and group henna art classes tailored specifically to your interests and current skill level! Let’s have fun together as we honing your henna skills!

As a henna student, you get to voice what your strongest areas of interest are, so we can focus in where you are most passionate and excited to learn! You may pick from any of the following topics, or share other ideas of what you’d like to master:

  • Creating beautiful vines
  • How to master the “paisley” design, and create peacocks!
  • Tips for making homemade paste & rolling cones
  • Creating symmetrical mandala-style designs
  • Adding new styles of flower petals and patterns to fill your designs
  • Experimenting with henna styles from different regions of the world
  • How to become a professional henna artist
  • Henna-style painting on canvas

Contact us to schedule your first lesson, today!