Henna Cone | $10
​Jagua Cone | $20
DIY Henna Kit | $40
White Henna Kit | $25​

Fresh. Hand-made. Exceptional quality.




We also offer Gift Certificates!

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Place your order by emailing the following information:

  1. The items that you wish to purchase (eg. 2 henna cones & 1 jagua cone)
  2. The days and time ranges that you are available to pick up your order. We are often off-site offering our clients in-home henna services, so we will need to coordinate a specific time for you to pick up your henna supplies.
  3. Please confirm that you understand to bring cash, as we do not have a debit machine on the premises.

​You will receive a confirmation email with a specific time range that your products will be ready for you to pick up!