Getting the Darkest Stain: 3 Simple Ways to Prepare Your Skin for Henna Application

You’ve booked your appointment, and you can’t wait to see what your henna artist has in store for you. Taking a few minutes to care for your skin before your appointment will help you get the most out of your henna experience, and may add longevity to your body art. It’s simple! Ensure the area you’ve chosen to adorn with henna is both clean and hair-free as possible, and avoid applying lotion or oil to your skin for 24 hours before your appointment. These products can create a barrier that may interfere with the quality of your stain. Also, it’s a great idea to exfoliate away any dry skin before your appointment. If your skin feels a bit dry when you arrive that is just fine! Henna will happily soak into thirsty skin and, combined with our aftercare recommendations, your skin will be feeling fresh and moisturized in no time!

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