Henna Versus Jagua: What’s the Difference?


Henna and Jagua are two different plant-based products, that both lend a beautiful stain. We often get questions about how they compare, such as “Which one lasts the longest?” and “Which one is darker?”, etc. In actuality, both henna and jagua last about the same amount of time, but there are a few key differences to note between these two different color options:

  • Henna results in a brown stain, while jagua has a bluish-black color.
  • Henna takes about a half hour to dry, while jagua takes an hour or more to dry. Take into consideration how much patience you have.
  • Henna stains the hands and feet the darkest, while jagua produces a dark stain across the whole body. So, considering the location of your design will be important, here.
  • Water does not impact the quality of a jagua stain, while henna prefers to be kept dry (especially for the first 48 hours). Do you plan to be spending a lot of time in the pool or taking baths? If so, jagua may be your better bet!
  • It is best to leave henna on for as long as possible, but jagua is happy to be left on for just 3 to 5 hours and does not produce a darker stain after that point.
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  • I understand Calgary had/has head hennas for breast cancer/cancer patients. Does your Edmonton Henna do this? It looks fabulous, I will not be wearing a wig when my hair goes. I’ve purchased scarves and washed them for use on my head. What would you charge for any part of my head that will come out from the scarve. For example my sides and forehead. I am preparing, I haven’t lost my hair yet. I was told it will be 7/14 days from start of chemo, I started on April 5th. Thank you.

    • Lindsay Redman
      April 8, 2019 4:36 pm

      Yes, we’ve done henna crowns on the head before, and would be happy to get creative with you about how we can offer an affordable option to you while you are experiencing hair loss from treatment. I would recommend filling out our online booking form and mentioning wanting a crown in the notes when you submit. Looking forward to hearing from you!

  • Hello! I am very interested in talking to an artist about a Henna crown.


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