How To Be An Epic Henna Party Host


You’ve booked your party, invited your friends, and now you’re wondering what else you can do to prepare for a memorable and fun evening of henna! We have some great ideas for how to support your henna artist to do their absolute best work while at your party. It is appreciated if you provide the artist with a well-lit area, with a table and chairs. It is recommended to have the henna area to be in a lower-traffic area of your home, whenever possible. Although we are flexible with our work space, we love to be able to really focus on our art, and naturally tend to do our best work when provided a calmer setting. It’s always helpful to delegate a person to direct the flow of guests getting henna, so your artist can spend more time doing henna, and less time hunting for the next person in line. Let your artist focus on what they came to do: creating amazing henna designs to wow your guests!

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