Running Late or Need to Cancel Your Appointment?

Cancellation Policy. To reserve your appointment time, we require either a full or 50% non-refundable deposit, depending on the length of your appointment (appointments under 1 hour require a 100% deposit, and appointment over 1 hour require a 50% deposit). Should you cancel or not arrive for your appointment, the deposit serves to compensate the artist for loss of income, when other potential paying clients are unable to reserve that appointment time after we’ve reserved it for you.

Late Policy. You can trust your artist to be ready and waiting to begin at your scheduled appointment time. Our rate remains at $100/ hour, regardless of whether you are available to being at your scheduled appointment time. If you arrive late your artist will have less time to flourish your body with lovely henna designs, so we recommend you plan ahead and arrive a few minutes early to make sure you get the most out of your henna experience!

If you’ve been quoted a flat rate versus the regular hourly rate, such as for a bridal henna or a more elaborate custom design, your initial quote is based on the expectation that you will be ready to begin precisely at your scheduled appointment time. If your artist is unable to begin right on time, due to any delays on your end, your artist will give you an option to use the remaining time to complete a simpler design within the available time. If the artist happens to be available to stay late (they do not have another client booked in after you), they may offer you an option to add extra time to your appointment in order to complete the initial design, at the applicable hourly rate.

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