Ready to dive in and begin exploring henna art?

Edmonton Henna is excited to announce we offering a FREE henna class ($120 value) to the first 12 people who purchase one of our 3 henna artist starter packs for $55 before April 1st. Receive guidance and support from a seasoned henna artist, and kick start your exploration of the diverse world of henna art. Start now and amp up so your skills will be on point just in time for summer!!

We have 3 fabulous henna starter packs to choose from:

  • 5 hand-made henna cone pack + 1 lotion practice cone
  • 1 DIY henna kit (enough for you to make 12 to 20 cones at home) + 1 hand-made henna cone + 1 lotion practice cone
  • 1 white henna kit + 2 hand-made henna cone pack + 2 lotion practice cones

Want even more opportunities to grow your henna skills? Class participants will be invited to our alumni henna swap monthly over the summer, where you can continue to share beautiful henna designs with your fellow henna classmates and local henna artists! If you want to take your skills to the next level, we are also looking to scout artists to join our team to offer a highly flexible casual henna artist position for the the 2019 summer season!

Interested? Email Edmonton Henna Tattoos now!

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  • Deena Hopkinson
    March 21, 2019 2:53 am

    Can you please send more information? Where? When? How long is the class for? Age limits? Name of teacher?

    • Edmonton Henna
      March 26, 2019 9:20 pm

      Sure! Our class date was just announced today as being April 20th from 1 to 3 pm. If you’d like to pick up a kit, simply email to arrange a pick up time!

  • Hello! I’d love to purchase a henna kit/ take some classes? Can you tell me a bit more? How to purchase kits. And when/ where classes would be ? Thank you