Tips to Get Your Henna Fix on a Budget


At times, we accept special requests for a mini-henna appointment at our studio, for only $25 for 15 minutes of henna. These mini-henna sessions are offered at our artists discretion, whenever an artist is already scheduled to be available on-site at the studio. We offer these in situations when our clients are flexible to come in before or after a longer scheduled henna session with another client, as our artists may otherwise be off-site doing henna in clients homes. As you’ll understand, driving to the studio to meet you only makes sense if there is at least an hour of work to be done. Of course, we obviously love sharing our henna passion with as many people as possible, so we would love for your to reach out and let us know your flexible availability if you’re interested in a mini-henna appointment! We will do our best to see what can swing for you!

If we are unable to accommodate a shorter appointment on your preferred date, you of course always have the option to opt for a 1 hour appointment. You may split the hour with one or more friends and share the cost OR check in closer to your preferred date, when it will be more likely that we can schedule your appointment back-to-back with another client. Keep in mind, if you host a party at your home for your friends, the cost per person can be substantially reduced compared to a private appointment. If you are requesting an artist to come to you, we require a minimum booking of 1 hour.

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  • Hi I’m looking to book a mini appointment for today after 5:30pm

    • Lindsay Redman
      June 3, 2019 10:00 pm

      Lovely! I sent you a private message to follow up. In the future, you can message us directly at to inquire about last minute appointments. Or, you can go ahead and book online anytime!


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