We Host Parties of All Sizes! Who Will You Invite to Your Henna Party?

How many people can come to a henna party? This is entirely up to you! We have accommodated henna parties for just a few people, or up to 50+ attendees! It is easy to add extra time or have multiple artists booked for your event, if needed. Simply include the approximate number of guests that you anticipate when filling in the booking form, and we can provide you with some suggested options for a henna packages to suit your guest list.

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  • Looking to have a henna artist to come for my Daughters 12th birthday- approximately 35 people-.You can call me at (780)777-0097

    • Lindsay Redman
      March 10, 2020 9:52 pm

      Hi Tara! I will try to give you a call today. For the speediest response it’s always best to shoot an email to info@hennamour.com as typically all scheduling is done online. In recent years, we’ve limited correspondence over the phone as much as possible in hopes of avoiding either of us playing phone tag, which has allowed us more time to spend doing wonderful henna for clients like yourself. Looking forward to connecting with you to see if we can help with your daughter’s party!


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