You’ve Heard the Buzz. Now, What is White Henna?

There’s been a lot of buzz about “white henna” and we have been getting a lot of questions about it. YES, we have “white henna”. In fact, we have all sorts of colors to offer you ranging from gold, silver, sparkly shades across the rainbow, and even glow-in-the-dark! However, it’s important to know how this product differs from genuine henna. White henna is called henna simply because it is applied in a similar design pattern, but white henna does not actually contain any henna whatsoever!

The “white henna” we use is an adhesive skin cream that does not stain or bleach the skin, but rather sits on the surface until removed. In good condition, white henna will last on the skin for a few days before becoming tacky and starting to peel. At this time the white henna should be removed with an adhesive remover, fingernail polish remover, baby oil, or it can be peeled or scrubbed off. In comparison, genuine henna which can last a couple weeks and actually stains the skin.

When applying white henna you should choose an area of skin that is clear of hair, oil or sweat, and an area that will not be especially rubbed by clothing. This makes a big difference! White henna is applied to the skin exactly like regular henna, to start. However, once the paste becomes firm, after about 20 minutes, your artist will generously apply glitter or gliding powder over the surface of the design to seal the white henna paste. Once sealed it will no longer be sticky, and will be waterproof and durable. If you are an artist trying your hand at white henna, note that when caring for your white henna paste you will not want to freeze the cone as you would with regular henna. Instead, keep it at room temperature. It will last for about a year in a jar, and at least six months in a cone. Feel free to contact us to purchase a white henna kit if you want to give this a whirl for yourself!

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