Ignorance Is Not Bliss: Heads up on Henna Safety

Our henna is made in-house from scratch with natural products. We are proud to share our recipe with you. Our paste includes henna leaf, sugar, lemon juice, tea tree oil, and lavender. Knowing the ingredients being applied to your skin is especially important in the henna community, and are glad you asked about it!

We love to take up any opportunity to spread awareness of henna safety. There is a huge range of henna products available in today’s market, with a corresponding range in stain quality and potential risk. Many artificial henna products are mass produced and sold with labels that claim to be “all natural” and “safe”, while actually containing harsh chemical additives that risk causing burns. An ethical henna artist should always be using fresh homemade henna, and be able to tell you the full ingredients with ease and pride. We highly encourage you to take a minute and take a few moments to read our more detailed post about henna safety, where we outline some key questions you can ask any henna artist to assess whether their henna is safe for your skin. We would love for you to help us spread the word about henna safety!

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